24 de septiembre de 2011
Discurso del Presidente del Ecuador en la ONU - Iniciativa Yasuni-ITT

 22 de abril de 2011

Comunicado: Día de la Madre Tierra

yasuni simposio


Ecuador and Japan have more similar things that people would think. Both countries share volcanic geology that in daily life our people enjoy in thermal baths, called onsen in Japan. Travellers get surprised for the similar shapes of our Cotopaxi volcano and the Fuji Mountain. The Andean music has the same musical scale and shares the same characteristics with Japanese traditional music. The ancient pottery elaborated by Japanese Jomon culture and Ecuadorian Valdivia culture, have maternity as their central representation. The handicrafts, popular festivals and gastronomy have evident coincidences, as well as the contents of literature and plastic art.

I like to think that both countries are neighbors, united by the Pacific Ocean. And that the reach political, cultural, economic and cooperation for development that we maintain since long decades ago, are the product of 90 years of diplomatic relations that we commemorate in 2008. And that as a result of our wishes of achieving peace and sustainable development we guide the actions of the international community.